Sunday, March 25, 2012

Geode 'Splode 2012

Saturday March 24th was the annual Geode 'Splode get together for the Northwest IL Rock Club.

We all gather as part of a like-minded community.

We are rockhounds who love our hobby, and part of that hobby is cracking open geodes.

Lois is a very creative lady, and this is just
one of her newest creations!

                             This is Lois.

      Lois loves cracking a few heads...ugh, I mean geodes...


Cracking a geode is a very precision art.  Some of the beauty of a geode is in the presentation, and how it was cracked so it just comes down to a good guess.
Here is Tom teaching Dave the fine art of opening up a geode.

And here is Dave mastering the tool to crack a geode.

 Brian and Cindy invited us all to their place once again and they were marvelous hosts.
Here you can see some of the painting and craft work of  these two, along with information
pertaining to rocks, agates, show dates and trips.

We were all having a good time.  Lots of laughter and discussion.
Brian was taking care of the ham!

We all brought a dish to pass, then after a bit we thanked God for family, friendship, and his many blessings.

After dinner while the guys were shooting the breeze and cracking geodes , the gals took what was supposed to be a walk around the block, and turned it into an excursion downtown to visit the antique stores.

Lois forged ahead, and Dar flirted with anyone that made eye-contact with her! ;)

It was a great day with much companionship and laughter.
                                                                    ROCK BABES

                                                                   ROCK HUNKS

To Rev. Milt and Gary, we missed you, and hope to see you soon.

Don't forget the Monroe Rock, Gem, Fossil and Mineral Show is the weekend of March 31st.   
NEXT WEEKEND!  See you there!