Wednesday, December 28, 2016

MSHA Training

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Subject: Re: MSHA Training revisited
Hi Everyone!
I’ve talked to Jeremiah the trainer and he can do the training at Jack Hoxie’s shop in Janesville on February 11th and 12th. This will be a commitment. We have to have 15 people, the more people we can recruit the cheaper it becomes but it will be about 10hrs of training each day.
15 people = $115 each
16 people =  $111.88 each
17 people =  $109.11

Subject: MSHA Training revisited
Hi Everyone
Jeremiah has notified me that if we can get 15 people he will come and give us the MSHA training. It would run about 100-110 per person. I was talking to Tyrell, a club member who goes to Canada quite often to Thunder Bay and he told me that you can’t get into the mine now without MSHA certification. We’re close to 15 if everyone still wants to do this. Is there anyone else you can think of that we could recruit?
Let me know if there’s still interest. He was just layed off at his job so he has the time to do this fairly quickly so let me know
Debbie Wehinger

Friday, October 21, 2016

Northwest IL Rock, Gem, and Mineral Show November 12-13

A little bling, a lot of dazzle, plus the stunning creations of nature will take center stage at the annual Gem, Mineral, Fossil, Jewelry and Gift Show on November 12th and 13th at Highland College in Freeport. Vendors will showcase fascinating specimens from all over the world; there will be eye-catching gifts for holiday shopping, door prizes, and fun for all ages. A children’s game area, lapidary and wire-wrapping demonstrations, and the ever-popular geode cracking booth are among the highlights at this annual fall event. Show hours are from 9 a. m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. Sunday at the Highland Student/Conference Center. Lot A offers plenty of parking. 
Sponsored by Northwest Illinois Rock Club, one of the show’s goals is to educate the public about the spectacular wonders of the geological world. A number of prestigious speakers will be on hand for presentations in their fields of expertise. All lectures are in room H127 with the following schedule: 
10:30 a. m. :  The Most Dangerous Profession
David Rice, retired paint chemist and former coal mine “Shot Firer,” “Roof Bolter” and foreman. 
1:30 p. m.:   Ice Age Fossils of Illinois
Dr. Les Fay, Rock Valley College Geography and Geology instructor, Ice Age Paleontologist and author.
 3:30 p. m.:  Good Fishing at Fossil Lake 
Scott Williams, Director of Science and Exhibits, Burpee Museum of Natural History, Rockford, IL


Sunday, Nov. 13

 11:00 a. m. :  Geologic Evolution of North America
Richard Udell, University of Wisconsin Madison geology student and geology museum tour guide                                                

 2:00 p. m. :  Gold Micro-inclusions in Natural and Laboratory Grown Minerals
Dr. Mark Frank, Mineralogy and Geochemistry Professor, Northern Illinois University, De Kalb, IL                                                  

A free will donation is appreciated to defray the cost of the show. For more information contact  Brian Green at 815-745-2228 or email

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Curry Lapidary Auction Sept. 10, 2016

Boone County Fairgrounds
8791 Rte 76 (Fairgrounds Rd)
Belvidere, Illinois
Saturday September 10th
at 9 am
Machines    Miscellaneous
Very Nice UtahTec faceting machineHighland Park bull wheelDesk lamp - new
7 New 8” faceting disc27” Highland Park flat lap - usedSm plastic boxes
2 Wheel poly arborCraftsman 2 wheel grinderJewelry earring case     Lortone gem sparkleSingle barrel tumblerAsst’ Polishes        Expandable wheelsHomemade machineHobby abrasive gun       Extra fine diamond wheelPolishing wheelDisplay case
Polishing pads6” Craftsman gem polisherAlbatross spray gun            Sm Dopwax heaterUsed pump and more!Pro-Craft Sonic cleaner
Metal 6 drawer cabinet
Crystals + MineralsDop sticks
PyriteMarcrasitePlastic pails
BauxiteGysumMilk crates
Calcite Galena LeadPlastic Trays      KleniteStilbiteFaceted stone
Chalco PyriteMicaAssortment stones
ApatiteSphaleriteSoapstone carvings
ClinoclaseAlabanditePlus more!
Actinolite3# Barite Rose
Thumb nail mineralsCopperFossils
LimoniteDruzy QuartzMisc Fossils
Manganocalcite                CelestitePlus more!Amonite
SpecialRough Rock             
Howard’s Exclusive 30 x 40Turritella agateFossil RockLabradorite                 cab collection approx.7511 ½#  Montana mossBrazilian agateTiger Iron    
in showcaseCulletPlume agateTurquoise
MarblePetrified woodThunder eggs
Var. GoshoniteGeodesTigereyeMahogany Obsidian      23# Dino Vertebrae             Lots of chunk rockMontana mossTumbling mix
33# Dino BoneCore samplesMalachiteLupis Luzuili
18 ½ inch stagmitePolished slabsPink DolomiteChunk Fire Agate             Large ass’t slicesLace agateJasper
Plus more!

J. HabermanB. ShermanJ. Podielski
A. PastC. BonFieldM. Trokam
P. TepavcevichM. LittD. Harrison
R. CrawfordJ. Leikam

Auctioneers Note: This will be a large auction. This is a partial listing, come check it out!

TERMS: Cash or Check with proper I.D NOT responsible for accidents or items after purchased. All items sold “as is”. Any questions call Gary at 815-871-9212

The food booth will be provided by Royal Family Kid’s Camp, a camp for neglected foster children, stop by the booth and show your support!

It’s been wonderful doing business with you; our Auction family – Thank you!
Hope to see you next year!!!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Thanks again, the Curry Auction Crew

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Agate Collection Field Trip

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Subject: Saturday Field Trip

Hi Badgers, The field trip for Saturday, August 13 will be to the Bellevue Quarry for agates. Please RSVP to this email so that we know who to expect.  Hope you can join us! Laurie

Bellevue Iowa Sand & Gravel Quarry.   This has been a fun site to visit and no one ever seems to go home from here empty handed.   We hope to find Lake Superior Agates, carnelian, and jasper.  Thomsonite, sagenite agate and even petrified wood has been found here, but is very rare. This has been an excellent producing quarry.  Sorry - there are no bathroom facilities in the quarry.

Field Trip Leader / Contact Person: Dan Trocke, Cell # 608-215-5307 Please call my cell if you are running late or lost.
Meeting Places & Times:

10:00AM   - Meet us at the Bellevue sand & gravel yard near the Bellevue golf course (any time after 10:00 AMuntil sundown).  For those of you who have not been there before, look for a gravel driveway heading east off of 395th Ave, across from the Bellevue Golf course and between 320th Street and 334th Street.  The gravel drive may not be marked other than a chain gate.  If the gate is open you should drive in and park near the gravel piles. 
                     Note: The Badger club was given permission to enter the quarry by the owner.  This trip is open to all Badger Club & MWF Members – please do not contact the owner to set up additional collecting trips or trespass on this property.  
6:00 PM    - Leave the quarry and head home.  We might catch a bite to eat in Dubuque.

What to bring: Sack Lunch, as we will be eating lunch in the quarry.  Small garden tools, buckets, knee pads, gem scoops, sunscreen and plenty of water and liquids! 

See you Saturday!

Dan Trocke
Badger Lapidary and Geological Society

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

MSHA training info & invite

Hello everyone
I am inviting all rock clubs to send out notices to their members for the following FULL MSHA Training. I have finally located a trainer who will give the full 24 hour certification.
It is open to anyone 18 years or older.
Cost will be $95 per person
We are currently looking at having the training at the First National Bank of Monroe courtesy room. Since the trainer will be coming from Indiana, we will need to do approximately 12 hours of training on a Saturday and Sunday, most likely 8am to 8pm for a weekend. If the class moves fairly quickly, the times can be shorter. There will be breaks for you to go grab a bite to eat or you can brown bag it.
This is just a preliminary email to see what the interest would be. In order to make this possible, we must have 30 people interested in the training.
We are tentatively looking at the weekend of August 27th and 28th although that is not written in stone. Again, this is a preliminary email to see how many people would commit to the training.
If you are interested in the MSHA training, please email, or call me with questions, or to put you on the list.
Please include your first and last name, full address (street, city, state, zip) and a phone number.
Thank you
Debbie Wehinger
2016 Badger Lapidary and Geological Society Showchair

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Jewelry-Making, Rocks, Fossils Auction

Saturday, January 30, 20169 am (Doors open at 7:30 am)
Walnut Creek Auction Headquarters    334 2nd Avenue West, Milan, IL 61264

The old Caprock business ends its trip here with the final sale of fossils, fern fossils, dinosaur bones, rocks & large lots of jewelry making equipment, including pound after pound of collectible rhodenite over sterling jewelry, silver, sterling, etc. 

ROCKS: Dinosaur fossils, black chalcedony, Mozarkite, seashells, amber stones, hand cut quartz in bags, selenite, geodes, aurora borealis, moonstone in lots of colors, turquoise, polished conakiterhodochrosite, rose quartz, snow quartz, fossils, agglomerate, brachiopods, quartzite, fossils from Collinson Quarry (Milan), schist, philite, marble fern fossils, petrified wood, pink dolomite, Eden Valley petrified wood.
JEWELRY MAKING EQUIPMENT (OLD CAPROCK BUSINESS): (Most jewelry pcs. are rhodoniteover original sterling silver). 100s of belt buckles, necklaces, rings, pendants, stick pins, earrings, bracelets, brooches, cufflinks, gold & silver patons, wood beads, ceramic beads, hematite beads, display cases & stands by the dozens, display bags, grinding & polishing compounds, single ring display boxes, old clock parts, jewelry pliers & hammers, NEW lapidary rubber drum, rock cutting blades, stone crafting & jewelry making books, plastic beads & strings, needlecraft books, wax, rubber sanding wheels asstd sizes, ring sizing sets, aluminum sanding wheels, jewelry chain asstd sizes, gold-filled chains & beads, 14k chains, sterling, jewelry flat storage file drawer, working threads/tapes/glues, 8” sanding belt, malachite pins, silver safety pins, buffing pads, cylinder sandpaper (Dremel style), jewelry dip-cleaning jars, craft beader machine, small display cases & bags, tons of beautiful cameo pieces, jewelry chain & wire, wooden storage & show boxes, metal display signs, jewelry scale, spool cork.